Why Southern Therapy?

I founded SPOTS in my home town because I am passionate about providing a friendly, comfortable and professional environment dedicated to delivering fast, measurable and long-lasting rehabilitative results to those individuals living in communities that I have been a part of for most of my life.

Helping you to overcome an injury, recover from a surgery, disease, or other impairment so you can function with a significant improvement in your quality of life, makes it easy to open the clinic's doors each day.

I am committed to providing every person with the most efficient, effective, and comprehensive individualized treatment plan which promotes the quickest recovery time. It is important to me to not only help you recover, but also to educate you in causes and prevention. I make it a priority to be available to you to listen to any concerns and answer question so that you feel comfortable with your treatment plan and the recovery process.

My staff and I take great pleasure in exceeding your expectations and making you feel like a family member rather than "just another patient." We strive to help you to once again participate in your daily activiites healthy and pain-free.

Steve Taylor